Palju õnne JannoSaamer!

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PostitamineHeroes on 05.03.17 10:37

Palju õnne @JannoSaamer

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PostitamineNiceSk1ll3r on 05.03.17 11:52

Õnnitlused! :)

"I never think of what I am going to do before a game" - Lionel Messi
"Leo won't go down, he doesn't dive. Messi doesn't dive" - Ray Hudson

Football isn't just about scoring goals, it's about how you score them

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PostitamineMeh on 05.03.17 21:16


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Postitamine.Smile. on 05.03.17 22:23

Palju õnne!

The quickest way to the heart is to cut right through the chest.
You must realize that someday you will die and until then you are worthless.
The best way to get over someone is to get on top of someone else and move on.

-Motionless In White


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PostitamineRannatuul on 05.03.17 22:36


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