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PostitamineKülaline on 05.10.14 23:09

HostForward OÜ | Hinnad alates 1.50€/kuu | Multicraft | Euroopa | DDoS kaitse Logo - Facebook

Registreeritud Osaühing (RIK: 12601302)
Meie, HostForwardi meeskond, teame Minecraftist kõike ja ka seda, mida Teie tahate või ei taha seda mängides kogeda. Te tahate lõbusaid kogemusi, võimalust sõpradega sotsialiseeruda, ja kõige rohkem tahate te kindlasti aega lõbusalt surnuks lüüa. Meil HostForwardis on välja pakkuda odavaima hinna eest parima kvaliteediga servereid. Juba täna on Teil võimalus öelda ''EI'' suurtele tüütutele laggidele ja võtta omaks sujuvalt töötav server HostForwardis.

* Puuduvad lepingud
* Tasuta MySQL andmebaas
* 4 päeva raha tagastuse garantii (PayPal ning Digimakse makseviisi puhul)
* Multicrafti halduspaneel
* Spetsiaalne RAM
* Kutsuja programm
* Erinevad JAR failid
* Tasuta veebimajutus soovi korral
* Spetsiaalne IP (port: 25565) "!"
* SSD kettad
* Riistvara Euroopas
* Kiire klienditeenindus
* Suurepärane riistvara
* Täielik FTP ligipääs
* Kohtade piirang puudub
* Piiramatult kõvakettamahtu ja andmetaastusmahtu
* Tasuta alamdomeen (****

"!" : Võimalik osta soovi korral võttes ühendust meiega arvelduspaneelis tugipileti teel.

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245v2
Kõvakettad: 2x 120 GB SSD
Andmeside ühendus: 200Mbps

512MB RAM - 1-12 Players - € 1,50/kuu
1024MB RAM - 1-24 Players - € 3,50/kuu
2048MB RAM - 1-36 Players - € 7,-/kuu
3072MB RAM - 1-48 Players - € 10,50/kuu
4096MB RAM - 1-60 Players - € 14,-/kuu
5120MB RAM - 1-72 Players - € 17,50/kuu
6144MB RAM - 1-84 Players - € 21,-/kuu
7168MB RAM - 1-96 Players - € 24,50/kuu
8192MB RAM - 1-108 Players - €28,-/kuu
Dedicated IP - €3,-/kuus

Personal - €0,75/kuu
Small - €1,50/kuu
Medium - €3,-/kuu
Big - €5,-/kuu

Skype: oolays

Viimati muutis seda Trotexify (08.07.15 13:38). Kokku muudetud 18 korda

PostitamineKülaline on 21.12.14 1:25

Jõuluallahindlused -
(20. Detsember - 3. Jaanuar)

HOLIDAYS - 20% alla kõikidelt minecraft paketidelt! Kehtib igaveselt!
SUPAHOLIDAY - 60% alla 1GB - 4GB minecrafti paketidelt! Kehtib ainult esimese kuu jooksul.

HostForward OÜ

Viimati muutis seda Trotexify (21.01.15 17:11). Kokku muudetud 9 korda

Postitusi : 301
Maine : 37
Liitus : 11/11/2012
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PostitamineElar19 on 21.12.14 12:30

Kuidas aasta on läinud?

PostitamineKülaline on 21.12.14 15:10

@Elar19 kirjutas:Kuidas aasta on läinud?
Sellele küsimusele on üks ja lihtne vastus, suurepäraselt.

HostForward OÜ

Viimati muutis seda Trotexify (21.01.15 17:11). Kokku muudetud 4 korda

PostitamineKülaline on 21.01.15 16:49

Tähistame 1 aasta täitumist. Aasta tagasi (21.01.2014) registreeriti osaühing Hostforward.
Nüüd 1 aasta täitumisel jagame teile sooduskoode, teil on võimalik saada soodustust kuni 80%.

ANNIVERSARY: -80% soodustust esimene kuu.
Kasutada saavad ainult uued kliendid.
Kehtib pakettidel 512MB-2048MB.
Võimalus kasutada ANNIVERSARY koodi kuni 24. jaanuar 2015.

1YEAR: -35% soodustud valitud perioodil.
Kasutada saavad ainult uued kliendid.
Kehtib pakettidel 4096MB-8192MB.
Võimalus kasutada 1YEAR koodi kuni 29 jaanuar 2015.

PERFORMANCE: -20% soodustust valitud perioodil.
Kasutada saavad kõik.
Kehtib pakettidel 1024MB-3072MB
Võimalus kasutada PERFORMANCE koodi kuni 29 jaanuar 2015.

HostForward OÜ
Postitusi : 1
Maine : 10
Liitus : 10/01/2015
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PostitamineMadCuzMissed on 21.01.15 20:00

Väga armas tekst teema alguses, aga küsimus et kuidas erineb see hosting teistest OVH/SoYouStart edasimüüjatest? Samahästi võin võtta mõne teise hostingu, kes müüb sama teenust edasi aga, kelle teenused on palju odavamad.

PostitamineKülaline on 04.04.15 15:26

We had added live chat to our Control Panel and websites now. We can't currently say that it'll stay forever, but we'll try to keep it online as much as possible! Do not forget to leave feedback about it if you had used as that will inspire us to improve even further! :)

Viimati muutis seda Trotexify (09.06.15 21:02). Kokku muudetud 2 korda

PostitamineKülaline on 05.06.15 20:36

We are happy as the summer is coming! We want to make you happy as well and therefore we are announcing our summer discounts! You can get each GB of RAM for 2.8EUR per month now and recurring for entire life until you stay with us! Use discount code "SUMMER2015"!

PostitamineKülaline on 18.07.15 13:53


HostForward OÜ kirjutas:Dear Client,

We have an exciting announcement and good news to bring you.

Following a review of our domain, hosting and minecraft services, and after many requests for additional services and features, HostForward ( has decided the best way to move forward is to transfer the business to Astutium Ltd a UK based Web Host and Hosted Minecraft Server provider.

This will improve performance/reliability and provide our customers with enhancements to their minecraft servers, add additional locations including London-UK and Phoenix-AZ, extend the hosting experience plus provide access to the new GTLDs like .ventures, .construction and .photos

So, effective immediately, the HostForward brand and services have been acquired by Astutium Ltd -

In addition to being a world class hosting provider, Astutium can provide HostForward customers with services including over 200 more ccTLDs (country code top level domains) and 800+ gTLD domain registrations, high-availability hosting, virtual/dedicated servers, cloud services, colocation and full range of minecraft servers.

Below is an answer to some expected 'Frequently Asked Questions'...

If you cant find the answer you are looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us for any reason by raising a ticket through the new Astutium Client Portal (details will be with you shortly).

We want to thank you for your business and Astutium look forward to providing you with reliable service for many years to come.


Aleksei Korovitshev
c/o Astutium Ltd
Number One Poultry

Phone (UK): +44 20 3465 2555
Phone (US): +1 607 264 2555
Fax: +44 20 3475 2666

= FAQ =

Q: Will I get the same level of support ?
A: Support will get even better for you! Our 24/7/365 online support system (very similar to the one you use now) is accessible through the Client Portal.
We aim to improve the provision of support to HostForward clients with more support staff and faster responses.

Q: Will I manage my account the same way ?
A: Astutium uses an online user friendly system that allows the customers to take control of their own services, a later and more customised version of the current system you already access.
By Thursday 9th July all data will be imported in to this new system and we will have emailed you with new access details.

Q: Will my service improve ?
A: Absolutely! Your website is being migrated to new, lower-population, faster Dual Intel QuadCore Xeon SSD based servers hosted at our DataCentres and the closest of our US, UK, FR, DE, NL Datacentres (for all minecraft clients) to ensure improved stability and give the best performance.

Q: Can I still order Domain Names ?
A: As an Accredited Domain Registrar we are able to offer all ccTLDs (country domains) and gtlds (generic domains) at very competitive prices with instant online registration (in over 99% of tlds) for available domain names, as well as all the New GTLDs

Q: Do I need to do anything ?
A: By and large there is no need for you to take any action. If we need you to do anything we will let you know specifically.
There are a few sites which do not use the HostForward nameservers which we will need you to update at your DNS provider, but the number of those is very few.
There may be an IP change for your minecraft server if it needs to be moved to new hardware - details will be advised to you in advance if that happens

Q: Will I Access MultiCraft for managing y MC Server the same way ?
A: The multicraft URL for accessing the control panel will be changing over the next week or so, as we merge all the servers onto our systems - this will provide you with additional options for .JARs (as many more are supplied and available with just a few clicks) - details will be sent to you by email when the multicraft access changes

Q: Will there be any downtime ?
A: The entire migration to new servers will occur in the background and you should experience zero downtime.
We have not yet scheduled the server migrations, details will be sent to you separately and posted on our status blog when we have a confirmed date - in many cases a migration wont even be necessary as we are taking on the existing hardware.

Q: Who do I contact now ?
A: From Thursday you will be able to contact Astutium directly to get the assistance you need.
The existing support ticket system will be setup to redirect you to the main Astutium one etc - until then, keep using the same methods you do now.

Q: Will my price change ?
A: Yes, sometimes down, sometimes up - all depending on the services/products you have with HostForward

Although we will mitigate as much of that as possible, and the majority of customers price (excluding any taxes) are not expected to be changing significantly
- a breakdown of the price changes is below:

* Domain prices will be staying the same or going down
Domain Registration, Renewal and Transfer pricing where possible will be reducing.

Astutium are one of the few ICANN Accredited Domain Registrars and have access to direct pricing on domain names (rather than going through a reseller)
- where savings are possible they will be automatically passed on to you reducing the price you are paying now.

* Hosting Prices
The cost of the hosting services will be largely the same with some packages increasing slowly over time to cover the increased performance, uptime and reliability of the hosting service.

In many cases this will be completely offset by the reduction in costs on the domain names, and so if your domain is registered elsewhere other than HostForward (or Astutium already) you can save money by transferring that domain in now.
- contact for details on how to transfer your domain names to Astutium.

* SSL Certificate Prices
Astutium offer a much larger range of SSL certificate types (each type is designed for a specific purpose/industry/use)
- in most cases the price for replacing/renewing your certificate will be exactly the same.

* IP Addresses
IP Address pricing is not expected to change as part of the acquisition, although they do increase in price regularly - IPv4 is in very short supply as there is a finite number and they've all been issued for over a year now.
The only currently remaining technical reason for a dedicated IP is for an SSL certificate as shared-ip usage has been the common http standard since 2002 !

* Minecraft Servers
Existing servers are expected to be at the same price (excluding VAT which we have to charge) and more options for upgrades to larger and higher performing servers will become available

As a VAT registered business we have to charge VAT (at the prevailing rate) on all new and current (unpaid) invoices for users within the EU.
For users outside of the EU there are currently no mandatory taxes although several states within the US may require us to start charging Sales Tax shortly to their residents.

We apologise for this but it is unfortunately out of our direct control...
- If you are a UK VAT registered business yourself, you can of course claim this back in full through your VAT-100 as normal.
- If you are an EU VAT registered business, please contact us with your address, vat number, country and once validated by VIES all future invoices will be produced excluding VAT
- If you are an EU individual you will be charged the VAT rate of your local country which we have to collect on their behalf.
- If you are outside of the EU, currently we will set you as VAT Exempt.

Q: What Payment methods can I use?
A: You will be able to pay all of your future invoices by the payment method that is most convenient for you, with the exception that we are unable at this time to continue to accept Digimaske.
Astutium accept Debit/credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoins and many other methods full details can be seen at


Klientide andmed ja kõik muu on sama
(juhul kui kliendipaneeli parool vahetatud vaadake enda e-maili aadressi).

Astutium Ltd registered in England Co.#08183381 | VAT#GB-145054825
1st Floor, Number One Poultry, London. EC2R 8JR United Kingdom
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